Glennie McDonald Memorial Foundation


Founded in 2006, the Glennie McDonald Memorial Foundation was created for three purposes:

 - To educate and raise awareness related to personal safety, especially among young women.

 - To provide services and assistance for survivors of violent crime.

 - To preserve the memory of a beloved young woman who was murdered on Halloween Night, 1973.

At the Glennie McDonad Memorial Foundation, we strive to provide individualized services for survivors of violent crime, as well as preventative education.  Many other organizations offer support but simply do not realize the full scope of relief that is needed.

No one can anticipate violent crime, so preparing for it is not possible.  Our goal is to help people begin their process of healing by alleviating the numerous financial demands faced by victims and their families which frequently go overlooked.  The many unexpected costs which result from these atrocities, especially in the instance of murder, further complicate this already tumultuous time.  Specifically, our benefits go beyond conventional methods to include funding related to attending the court proceedings such as lost wages, child care, or travel expenses when needed.  While we acknowledge the value of counseling, we know that therapy following a violent crime may be needed for a long period of time.  Our benefits are not limited to a specific length of time or a limited number of sessions.

In conjunction with these benefits, we coordinate our benefits with other traditional programs which also provide services to survivors.  By partnering with other service providers, we are able to ensure that survivors receive maximum assistance when needed.

For questions or comments, to volunteer to help, or to make a donation, please contact us at:

                       The Glennie McDonald Memorial Foundation
2114 W. Grant Rd. #49                                            P.O. Box 356
Tucson, AZ  85745                                                  Tyrone, NM  88065

Phone:  520-820-2172
Fax:      520-743-4535